i3S data with cesium?

Good evening,
My goal is to test and compare the performance of 3D tiles VS i3S in :
o storing large volumes of data (volumetry).
o displaying (data display time)

I have currently 2 larges 3Dtiles files. For information, i work on windows OS.
a. Is there a way two convert those two 3D tiles toward i3S format ?
b. Is there a way to load i3S format with Cesium (Cesium-ion, cesiumJS,etc.)
c. Could you recommand some ways, some tools in order to make the performance test (data display time,etc.)

In advance, thanks a lot for your help.

There are currently no plans to add support converting and loading I3S in CesiumJS. What kind of performance are you looking for?

Good afternoon,
Thank you for your message.
i would like to find a way with cesium JS or cesium ion to get some performance informations regarding displaying/loading time of a tile set. I would like also get some informations regarding the number of meshs/TIN composing a tileset, the area (km2) of a tileset, the density of meshs/tin by area unity. Also some informations regarding the tileset 's size of the texture.
How to make this kind of assessmment ? With adding some javascript lines ? Or with windows command systems ?
Thanks a lot.