Cesium Performance


I'm new to Cesium development but I'm wondering if I'm doing things correctly given how long it takes to load the items I'm loading?

On page load I'm:
- Loading a new imageryPrrovider,
- I then set the camera to lookAt a target,
- Load a JSON containing around 500 gltf's file names and their positions
- Add those gltf's via a loop through viewer.entities.add ( at some point I need to make these clickable so I assume this is the best way to do it?).

It's taking around 2200ms to bring them all in, it seems like a lot of unnecessary tiles get loaded as well (these come in after my big list of gltf's).

I was looking at the CyberCity3d demo's and they seem to come in really quickly, am I doing something wrong?


The CyberCity demos were build using Cesium’s upcoming 3D tiles implementation. For more information about using 3D Tiles, see this forum post: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!searchin/cesium-dev/3d$20tiles/cesium-dev/tCCooBxpZFU/7hxT_E4pGgAJ



You using binaries?

Thank Hannah, I'd seen that but couldn't really find any information about how to implement, I understand it's available on a branch of Cesium ?

I wasn't using binaries, I'd batch converted all the models from .dae but I don't seem able to run colladaToBgltfConverter.jar I get allsorts of errors.

Yes, it’s currently being developed on a branch of Cesium: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/tree/3d-tiles
This will render 3d tile sets, but it won’t convert your existing data to a 3d tiles format. That’s something you will need to develop yourself. The spec is here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/3d-tiles