About Polyline Dashed

Hello, everyone.

I only look at it every day, but there is an issue, so i heve a question about dashed line.

Express the dot or dashed line on the road.
However, the problem is that is moves alone with the camera movement as blow.
< case shot -1 >

< case shot -2 >

Cesium 1.82 and using normal polyline/Cesium.PolylineDashMaterialProperty.

what i want is not to move.

what would be the solution?

Hi @lion.leekyungseok,

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing! I really appreciate that you added some screengrabs as well. However, I am a little unclear as to what your intended use case is. Can you elaborate on the behavior that you expect from the dashed polyline?


Thank you for your answer.

Ah… I was waiting for the person who knows the answer and implemented it as corridor instead of polyline.

The results are as follows.
< polyline dash > - fallow camra

< corridor dash > - static

I don’t know what the performance difference is, but anyway, I’ve reached my goal, so I decided to use it as it is.

Mr. sam.rothstein Thank you again for your reply.

Hi @lion.leekyungseok,

Understood :+1: