About Topography and Geometries: Extruded or Located?

Hi everyone. We would want to know about how Cesium works with extruded geometries for buildings.

In your sandcastle example OSM Buildings, we can notice that these fit perfectly with the terrain, what is so cool. What we need to know is if they are located at different heights on z-axis, or if they are all extruded from z-0? We suspect, it’s made through b way (extruded from bottom), but We would want an answer about this (We are not so much experienced with Cesium yet). Sure a screenshot can help my explanation, Thank You:


Thank you for the detailed post! The image you provided really helps clarify what you are asking. In short, the answer is option A. Buildings in our OSM dataset are located at different heights on the z-axis. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.