Access 3D information from get request using GPS parameters


Rather than using your plug in, is it possible to access your data through a get request using an API?
Example: I Provide a GPS location and access data within that specific tileset?


Hi @karlsson.adam,

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Cesium ion REST API documentation. It allows you to access assets from Cesium ion directly with get requests. Here’s the section on accessing tiles to get you started - Ion REST API documentation – Cesium


Thank you for the quick answer!

I did check the API documentation but I could not figure out how to access 3D data. One example would be to get the vertices and the indices of the 3D geometry within a tile, such as the OEM buildings or the terrain to procedurally re-generate them.

Is this possible, also I need to figure out a way then to know which feature ID, tile ID that is needed.