Geo info of an Asset before requesting for tile

I am using Cesium ion assets outside of CesiumJS, Now to get the Geo Information, i.e. Latitude and Longitude are not available until details are requested for individual asset.

For my application to understand where does the content exist on the Map following requests are required :

  1. Request for listing all assets available on my account : , request with token
  2. Request for access tile :{assetId}/endpoint which return a data of format
"type": "",
"url": "",
"accessToken": "",
"attributions": []
  1. Third request with URL and accessToken from above JSON.

After Step 3, is when I know the position of 3D Asset to be displayed. So clearly is a disconnect b/w AssetId and the geo information.
We are looking to go ahead with Cesium Ion On-Premise. I have two questions :

  1. Can I get the geo detail of an asset in Request 1?
  2. If not on Cesium ion Cloud SASS, Is it possible to store the geo information of a 3D Asset and be accessible on Request 1 on “ON-PREMISE” setup.


Hi Arun, great question!

You are correct that the current Cesium ion REST API does not provide an easy way to access geolocation information about an asset until after the asset is already requested. This is actually something we are looking to improve in the future (but don’t have a concrete timeline for).

For Cesium ion on-premise. We include a simple server for serving tilesets, but it’s up to the integrator to decide on the exact API and output. There is no authentication or API to list assets so how that works is up to you. You would absolutely be able to tile your data and store the geolocation information separate to ensure your “Request 1” has everything you need.

I hope that helps. Thanks!

Thanks @Matt_Amato for quick reply.

Understood. So It is up to us if we want to collect the information and store it at the time of saving the asset position. And then it can be consumed any way we want. To understand further, tiling-pipeline and tile serving that will be deployed on premise will be entirely API based, or will it also have similar UI to what current SASS Cesium ion asset manager (it already has features for tileset positioning, listing and other basic operations) is :