Get bounding box for asset through Cesium ion REST API

I am trying to search imagery, 3D tiles and other data I have uploaded to Cesium ION with something better then just text. Presently we did not find an API to query geospatially. When a file is initially uploaded there is a white box generated around the file. Can this be exposed for us to leverage? We can add this to our existing geospatial query and have the Cesium tiles and imagery return.

Hey @rakhishah,

Following up on your question here: Filter ION assets based on lat/long provided by user. - ion doesn’t currently support filtering by a given lat/lon. For 3D Tiles, what you can do is load the tileset.json of the asset, and that JSON files defines the bounding box inside (or you can load it into CesiumJS, which will let you get tileset.boundingSphere).

For 3D terrain, the bounding rectangle isn’t actually stored in the 3D data itself. To produce the rectangle you see in the preview window, Cesium ion will compute and save the boundary before tiling the GeoTIFF you upload.

Let me know if this helps.

So, how do I get that box? Its around the imagery and the 3D tiles.

For a 3D Tileset, you can get the bounding sphere with CesiumJS like this:



For imagery, given an imagery layer you added, you can get its rectangle property: