Manually requesting ion assets


I am working on a project where we would like to experiment with requesting data from ion outside of the current camera view (mainly 3DTiles and imagery). I have been trying to search the docs for information on forming a request to the server but could not find it. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to accomplish this? I assume I need to build a frustum and encode it somehow to make the request for a particular asset ID. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey Richard,

Good to see you on the forum again! Is your goal to request this content in order to pre-load it, or something else? If you need to do something like sample heights, this Sandcastle shows how to do this, even if part of the 3D Tiles is offscreen:

The equivalent for terrain is sampleTerrainMostDetailed shown here:

Internally I believe these functions will request the tiles if they are not downloaded as you describe. CesiumJS does preload 3D Tiles for camera flights, you can see this by looking in Scene.js for updatePreloadFlightPass.

Hey Omar Thanks! Man I am so sorry I didn’t respond for awhile but I got put on another project for a time and also took vacation but finally getting back to some Cesium work. I would like to be able to perform some analytics like raycasting on 3D tiles not in view. The example you sent uses a point sample method rather than grabbing tiles in a frustum, bbox or some other “container” which is probably more along the lines of what I need. I will take a look at updatePreloadFlightPass and see if that has what I am looking for.