Photogrammetry resource in Cesium ion request failed in Cesium Sandcastle

I was able to see the local 3dTiles resources I posted on the Cesium ion,

But I click on the Open complete code example button in the diagram,The following error is displayed in the sequel in the sandcastle。

Loaded resources are also not visible in the diagram。

So,ask the seniors to give good solutions please


Thanks for reaching out.

I think in the first image, you are seeing the bounding box of the first tileset.json sanlie/tileset.json, but if you probably zoom in, you might get the 404s if you open the developer tools in your browser.

To help us debug this, can you please share the link to the sandcastle that you opened in the second image?


Hello World - Cesium Sandcastle

thanks for your help sir,That’s my sandcastlee link,i don’t know if it can be opened,if not please reply me. My most sincere thanks!

Hi Dwight

Looks like the issue is that the filepaths use the + operator which in browser queries needs to be encoded. So while the files are present and stored in Cesium ion, when the browser is requesting the files from the tileset.json, its finding the + character and skipping it, leading to errors like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>assets/1239689/sanlie/Tile_ 013_ 025/Tile_ 013_ 025.json</Key><RequestId>W39C3H5F1V9Q3JRX</RequestId><HostId>Ybzw6AMCd6xl/CAMXorn+YIgJFTroPXt0GomDodTncLBV6kDUy5Gd6vOuQUAWecr/IOr2dA6y4s=</HostId></Error>

As you can see, the browser is removing the + character.

We are looking into how to catch this earlier in Cesium ion, but that may require spec changes as well in 3D Tiles. The quickest way around is to rename all the files and folders to remove or replace the + characters as well as remove them from the JSON files.

From the file structure, it looks like this dataset was created by ContextCapture, is that correct? I ask because we can talk to the software vendors and ask them to include a fix for it when generating the tilesets.


thank you very much sir,Your answer has helped me tremendously