From ContextCapture to Cesium Ion


I have an issue when i tried to upload my model created by ContextCapture as Cesium 3D Tiles. You can see below my files and error message, also my assed ID. I zipped my export data and uploaded to cesium, picked 3d Tiles and showed json file “export_cesium.json”.

How can i fix this issue? Did i choose wrong data type or upload wrong data?

Thanks.error1 file

It looks like the Data folder is nested within the data_yali folder, and in the export_cesium.json file, the uri for your tiles are formatted as Data\/Tile_10\/Tile_10.json. Have you tried zipping just the Data file so that the file path matches the one in export_cesium.json?

Hi Dzung, thanks for your answer and apologize i am late. Yes, i tried that before and the result was same (asset ID : 254085). Do you have any other suggestion?