Nearmap 3D Cesium Tiles Uploaded

Curious if there’s some background processing time I need to allow for when uploading large datasets (3D Cesium Tiles) from Nearmap 3D? The upload to asset completed, but when I highlight the uploaded data in “My Assets”, the preview window for that asset says “retreiving files”. I’m assuming there’s some processing of this uploaded data that needs to occur before the uploaded data is available for use? My apologies…My Cesium Ion experience is currently 4 hours old. I’m a rookie

Hi - Can you let me know if there is an update? Otherwise please let me know the asset ID. Did you upload a zip file?

Asset ID is 1122227 and it was an uploaded zip file. This is the zip file downloaded from Nearmap 3D’s Cesium Tiles download format. I uploaded it using the “3D Tiles” type in “My Assets”, and edited the main Jason file setting to match the file shown in the root folder of the zip, which was “Cesium3dTiles.json”

Hi - Just to reconfirm, does it still say retrieving files, or has it completed? It says completed in the logs I’m seeing so just want to double check.

All is working well now.