CesiumJS - free imagery and terrain


I would like to use the free version of Cesium imagery, and if possible terrain, without limits. When I download the library from https://cesiumjs.org/downloads/, it is immediately Cesium ion and says:

This application is using Cesium’s default ion access token. Please assign Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken with an access token from your ion account before making any Cesium API calls. You can sign up for a free ion account at https://cesium.com.

have to make sure in the project that I am involved I am using the free
imagery and terrain of Cesium, which I suppose comes with CesiumJS and not Cesium ion. Their distinction is not clear to me.

For now, I am setting the ion access token and simply creating the viewer by:

var cesiumViewer3dCity = new Cesium.Viewer(“container”);


I understand that Natural Earth base imagery is free. How can I use it?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Eylül,

Check out this offline example which shows you how to just use the default imagery without streaming anything from ion:

I believe the default terrain is streamed from ion, so you’d have to find your own source of terrain data to stream.

And just to clarify the difference, CesiumJS is the open source library for rendering 3D globes and maps in the browser. Cesium ion is the platform that hosts terrain and imagery that streams to the browser, and is also where you can upload and host your own 3D content.

Hey Omar,

thanks a lot for your answer. I managed to use the Natural Earth II imagery, independently from Cesium ion.

For development purposes, what is the best source of free imagery and or terrain for the earth? We’re using natural earth II at the moment, and we normally load detailed imagery for a small area. I find it hard to actually find the detailed imagery at times since the natural earth is not detailed enough. I was just curious if there was some free imagery for development purposes only.