Filter ION assets based on lat/long provided by user.

Hello Team,
I want to make new functionality like filter ION assets based on coordinates provided by users in my application.
Please share with me any cesium API available related to this or any idea how to make this kind of functionality.

I want to implement functionality as per the below flow in my application.
If someone looking for India country on the map in my application then I need to show available ION assets in the range of India country.

Welcome to the Cesium community!

This isn’t something currently supported by Cesium ion, but that could be a very useful feature. Does your application have its own database/server right now? If so, you could add this metadata in your database. It would be a list of Cesium ion asset IDs and lat/lon positions, and once you find the asset IDs you need to show, have your CesiumJS app display those.

What kind of project are you working on?

Thank you Omar,

Yes, my application has its own database. I have one question related to your suggestion (store Cesium ion asset IDs and lat/long positions in the database).

  1. How can I find lat/long positions from assets? Any easiest way for getting positions from assets or I need to read each asset file and find positions?

I’m working on the Geospatial project in which we have import KML, excel, and DBF files and imported data are displayed on the cesium map. Also, my application provides draw and search functionality of polygon, line and point on cesium map

It is not currently possible to get the lat/long location for a given Cesium ion asset without loading it first, but perhaps this would be a good addition to the “get info about asset” route, to return a bounding box:

Thank you Omar,

How we can get bounding box? Can i get in the API response you provided ( or do I need to do some further programming on it after getting success response from API.
Can you please explain me in brief?

Just to close the loop here, you can find my response here: Get bounding box for asset through Cesium ion REST API.