Accurate 3d Tiles position

Hi, is there any way to match the Cesium 3D Tileset accordingly with how the buildings are positioned in reality?

For example lets say i’m using these tiles: Cesium Sandcastle

Let’s say i am physically in Manhattan and i’m infront of a building but i want to watch it through my application instead.

The code:
I use geolocation API to get my lat and longitude.
I create a cartesian3 with the data received from the geolocation API.

Something like this (example):

const position = Cartesian3.fromDegrees(longitude, latitude, 40);

I then fly to that position with the camera:{ destination: position, duration: 5 });

I should now be able to see the building infront of me from my application but the building in reality doesn’t match the position on the tileset, so for example on my application i see the street and have to turn around but in reality when i turn around i see the street and not the building (vice versa).

Anyway to achieve this accuracy?

You’ll need to get the direction (heading) the device you’re using is facing, then apply this direction to the heading of the camera property

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Thx for the answer! I solved it.

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