Add attributes to Cesium OSM Buildings locally

My research focuses on large scale building energy modeling. I would like to add energy modeling attributes Cesium OSM buildings layer to be able energy data to buildings at any location (assuming the location has buildings in the OSM layer). I would also like to do this on my local machine, outside of ion. Is that possible?

I currently create the visualization locally by spatially joining our building data (metadata, savings) to a shapefile of the buildings for the research. FME workbench is used to convert the shapefile into Cesium 3D Tiles and use CesiumJS for the visualization (locally). Example image below/attached.

This [topic] posed a similar question

Is this possible? Does anyone have any recommendations or is it not possible to edit or add metadata to the features (buildings) of the OSM layer?

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If I understand correctly, you would like to edit the metadata of Cesium OSM Buildings. In that case, you can reference Omar’s response in this post as a starting point.