Adding More Attributes to OSM Building Dataset in Cesium ION

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to enrich my Cesium ION story with more detailed visualizations. To do this, I plan to add more attributes to the OSM Building Dataset.

Specifically, I have energy consumption data for buildings in Sydney and want to display this as a heatmap on my Cesium ION platform. Could anyone provide suggestions or steps to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!



If I understand correctly you would like to add metadata to the OSM building dataset. This can be done within CesiumJs. Currently we don’t support adding these types of features for shared assets within ion. Please take a look at this issue as a starting point.

The sandcastle link in the above example is old and hence fails to load. I have modified it to work with the latest version of cesium. Please take a look here: Cesium Sandcastle


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Thank you for your useful comment.
This is what I exactly need for my cirrent project.
I will check this solution in detail, if I face any issue I’ll let you know.