Get data about osm buildings

I am working with cesium osm buildings and want to get buildings that i show on a map. How i can get these buildings from my created tile in json format or gltf, thanks. Also have an example of how i create 3Dtileset

var tileset = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
			url: Cesium.IonResource.fromAssetId(96188)}); = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileStyle({
			defines: {
				"distance(vec2(${feature['cesium#longitude']}, ${feature['cesium#latitude']}), vec2(" +
				model.Properties.Longitude +
				"," +
				model.Properties.Latitude +
			show:"${distance} > 0.0001 && ${distance} < 0.003",

We have a OSM Buildings Sandcastle demo that might be useful for your use case. We also have documentation for customizing the style of the OSM buildings. Finally here’s another Sandcastle showing how to use detailed styling with OSM. If none of these resources satisfy your OSM use case please let us know. Thanks.

Thanks for your answer) But my question was about how or can I get data about these buildings (for example to add them to entities like an object). So I show buildings in selected place (10-20 buildings), and can I work with these buildings or build like with object?

Could you clarify what your use case is with Cesium and OSM? What specific type of data about the buildings are you interested in? (e.g If you click the buildings in the OSM demo a window will appear with metadata about each building). We don’t support downloading a subset of buildings from the OSM dataset as individual 3D models. However, you can customize the tileset so that only the buildings that you’re interested in viewing appear in the Cesium viewer.

can I get a separate building in the form of gltf or another format for further work from this model. For example, I want to use these buildings to load in CAD (Autodest Revit or Inventor)

Sorry, we don’t support downloading OSM buildings as individual glTF models for use in external applications. You could try using blender-osm to download assets and then convert them to glTF, then you can import these 3D models into any application you want, including Cesium.

Okay, thanks. And one more question) we have 3DTileset and is this tileset contains data which Cesium parse from Open Street Map ?


Here is some information about the Cesium World Terrain. This article contains an attribution section that gives details about our data sources. It also contains a Terms of Use section as well as general information.

We also have documentation related to Open Street Maps that may be useful to you:

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.