We've just updated Cesium OSM Buildings

Cesium OSM Buildings is a 3D Tileset derived from OpenStreetMap covering the entire world, available on Cesium ion. Read more about it here: https://cesium.com/content/cesium-osm-buildings/.

We regularly update Cesium OSM Buildings. This topic is a changelog so you can keep track of these changes. Subscribe to this topic to get notified for these updates by changing your notification setting to Watching at the bottom of this thread:

September 1

  • Updated to the latest OSM data as of August 28, 2020.
  • Improved handling of building parts inheriting incorrect heights from parent nodes. This previously caused some buildings to have missing pieces.
  • Added two new properties, cesium#longitude and cesium#latitude, to expose the location of the building center in degrees.

This last one now allows you to style buildings based on their distance to a known location! This is useful for creating heatmaps, to visualize the proximity of all buildings to an explosion site, or to a volcano for example:

Buildings in Auckland, New Zealand, colored by their proximity to Maungawhau, a dormant volcano.

Here’s a minimal Sandcastle example showing how to color Cesium OSM Buildings based on distance to a particular longitude and latitude.