Setting up the visualization of the OSM Buildings layer

Hello! Can I implement visualization of the OSM Buildings layer as in the example attached by link: GitHub - OSMBuildings/OSMBuildings: 3d building geometry viewer based on OpenStreetMap data
Perhaps there are other implemented examples or cases already?

The linked project seems to be unrelated to Cesium. If the question is only about OSM buildings in general (i.e. “a visualization of buildings based on OpenStreetMap information”), then you might want to have a look at the Cesium OSM Buildings sandcastle:

Thanks for the answer! But I am primarily interested in the possibility of changing and customizing of the OSM Buildings. First of all, it would be interesting to know if it is possible to change the texture for the walls of buildings to create the effect of having windows (as was done in the example in the link I attached above).
If this is not possible, then please tell me if there are plans for the Cesium development to add such functionality?

I do not know how the linked project actually implements the visualization. But from the appearance and behavior, and from quickly skimming over the code, I think that the buildings do not use textures at all. For example, the “windows” that you are talking about seem to be procedurally generated [e.g. from this part - some guesses here, but it looks like this).

There are options for styling the buildings, e.g. starting with

and looking at the example sandcastle at

But creating real textures for the OSM buildings would require generating actual texture coordinates based on the shape, extrusion height and many other things. There are some related threads, for example, for Cesium For Unreal, at Easiest Way to make a "Night" time scene? - #2 by agallegos , listing why this is not really easy to accomplish.

It might be possible to achieve something that causes the buildings to “not look so empty” (i.e. also generating something like procedural windows), by using a CustomShader - Cesium Documentation , but there’s no off-the-shelf solution for that.