Osm buildings not textured

yesterday I imported Cesium to my Unreal project. I used the beginner’s guide for setting up stuff but now I have a problem that I don’t know how to solve.
From all of my OSM Buildings, the textures are not loaded. This means, that all of my buildings are metallic white.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? I want to code a tram simulator and I need the cities (world) for design.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

I kind of did it, but some buildings are still not textured and all buildings are rendered extremely rough.

Hi @cardtrixxer,

Are you using Cesium OSM buildings? If so, these buildings don’t come with textures. You can add some color to them by draping imagery over the tileset. This does not add textures to the sides, but can improve the visuals of the buildings from far away. There’s a walkthrough on this process here.

You can learn more about the Cesium OSM Buildings tileset here.


Ok thanks for the reply, how do I get fully textured buildings then?

If you need fully textured buildings you will probably need to purchase models or create them yourself. You could try looking on 3D model marketplace sites for specific city models.

If you decide to create them yourself, I can’t offer much advice - this isn’t a workflow I’ve used. You’ll probably want to look in to plugins to import GIS data into a 3D modeling program, and apply images of facades to the buildings in that program before exporting the model and bringing it back into Unreal.

That’s not too good. I only need them to have some environment when driving around with the tram later. But I actually don’t want to buy something or build it myself…

I’ve got another quick question: For building a tram track with the city, should I use a flat surface/terrain or something else. Or what is easier?

Hi @cardtrixxer,

As for your second question, I suspect you’ll have to experiment yourself and decide what is better. It’s probably easier to use a flat surface, but depending on the topology of the city and how large the tram track is, you may need to use a non-flat or slightly curved surface.