Buildings with textures or photogrammetry for specific places

Hello, I’m new here and I’m trying Cesium for my first time. I’m searching for a way to have texturized buildings in Unreal Engine but the only thing I found are the photogrammetry cities in Cesium Asset Depot. How should I start? Is there a guide I can follow?

Hi - Have you taken a look at the Cesium for Unreal learning content here: Cesium for Unreal – Cesium? These should get you started pretty quickly.

I read all of it, but the only textured buildings available are only a handful of specific places. I’m searching a way to import from about everywhere, like from google maps. I’m documenting myself on RenderDoc, but I hoped that something more user friendly was already available

Hi - The datasets we have available are either curated or shared by commercial data providers. If you are trying to bring the entire world (which to be completely honest even Google doesn’t have File:3D building coverage in Google Earth.svg - Wikimedia Commons), then its a much bigger challenge. The challenge is that the world is just too big and collecting all of that data is a long, arduous process.

Well I don’t want ALL of the world to be in my project, I just need the possibility to gain access to some parts, maybe what already exists in Google Maps or Earth databases without having to use RenderDoc

Hi - If you have specific requests, we’re happy to look into it or connect you to commercial data providers who may have existing data available.

Hello. I wanna request, I mean if it’s possible for the data of Singapore and Malaysia. If it’s possible. I’m working on a project and it would be really helpful if you could do it.