How can I texture buildings?

Hi! I‘ve seen on your website that I can texture the building models of cities (like Berlin in the post above). I tried to find some more information about this but without success. Is there a way to access this (for example in Unity) or are there any other ways to texture buildings (what for example is GeoFS using?) without using the Google Earth tiles?

Hi @Jaip-Coding,

I think there may be some confusion. The link you posted refers to our 3D Buildings tiler, which is hosted on Cesium ion. This takes in the 3D building data (along with the desired textures) and outputs 3D Tiles. This is a step you do before you bring the data into Unity.

Texturing the buildings at runtime is not really feasible, unless you’re doing procedural texturing. For example, Cesium for Unreal Samples includes a procedural window material that can be used on texture-less datasets, such as Cesium OSM Buildings.

However, if you’re trying to apply specific or photographic textures to buildings, that’s much harder to do (and not scalable for large datasets). Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks @janine! Yes I was a bit confused, thanks for explaining! This Unreal Engine sample sounds great, is there a way to use it in Unity or will there be one in the future?