Anyone successful with *quality* OSM building textures?

Has anyone successfully implemented quality looking textures on the OSM buildings?

The tutorial for top-down draping is often mentioned, but looks terrible. It would be really cool to see if anyone’s been able to achieve good looking results like the following:

I’ve tried applying material layers but the scale seems to never be correct, regardless of adjustment. Bonus points for anyone who’s managed to convert OSM building objects to nanite :eyes:

Hi @aMahvan,

It’s pretty tricky to texture the sides of OSM buildings, but it should be possible to emulate the effect you’re looking for with materials.

The main issue is that the side textures must be world-aligned or otherwise using triplanar mapping, because the buildings don’t have UVs. The WorldAlignedTexture node can get you most of the way there. However, since the buildings are all part of the same tileset, they’ll all apply the textures in the same way, which can look undesirable. Essentially, the material can’t know where the edges, top, or bottom of the building is, so features like windows likely won’t look natural on all buildings in an area.

If you’re only interested in working with a few buildings, you can probably tweak the spacing and scaling until you get something passable.

This thread discusses world-aligned textures on OSM buildings and some of the limitations.

Can you share more information about your application? I might be able to give more specific advice if you’re trying to optimize for certain scenarios.


Sure, we’re building a combat simulator that features air and land units. Cesium looks great from the air out of the box, but down low we’re having trouble getting a good looking experience.

Without needing windows to align properly, how would I go about just adding a standard texture across all buildings successfully?

It seems texture scaling is off regardless of the value set.

is that good enough?

That’s actually not bad at all. How did you do it?

Hi @aMahvan,

I can’t speak for @Ohad_Manor’s approach, but I’ve had success using the World Aligned Texture node. This video does a pretty good job of explaining how to use it: [Unreal Engine] - World Aligned Texture - YouTube
The texture scaling will need to be set pretty high (in the tens of thousands, if I recall correctly) in order to display on OSM buildings.

I used blender-osm addon modify it a little bit and that is the result. if you go deep in to it you can get much more, i’m interesting in mass creation and less quantity.

Hello @Ohad_Manor, how do you export from Blender to Cesium for Unreal?


Start from here:

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Thanks! Would it work with hundreds of thousands of buildings?

The entire world from OSM.

Great! Did you try to use it in conjunction with Buildify?

And how did you get these doors and windows, and interior? That’s amazing! Well done dude!