Cesium API for 3D Buildings?

Hello, we need to get “3d buildings ID” and “Height” somehow from Cesium API.

can someone help?

Hi @maxtorgr,

Thank you for reaching out to the community! Are you looking to query the OSM buildings dataset? If so, I recommend that you check out the following styling guide:


No , i mean the buildings you already have in Cesium

I want the API get for the metadata from cesium. is that possible?

Hi @maxtorgr ,

You can easily get the all features properties just using below code

var handlerA = new Cesium.ScreenSpaceEventHandler(viewer.scene.canvas);

handlerA.setInputAction(function(click) {

var pickedObject = scene.pick(click.position);

if (Cesium.defined(pickedObject)) {

 let totalFeatures = pickedObject.getPropertyNames();

console.log(pickedObject.getProperty(“id”)); // you can get any feature property id, name, height etc.


we need 3d buildings metadata from cesium rest api get Ion REST API documentation – Cesium

Where can i get this database ?

Hi @maxtorgr

The data is derived / calculated from the source CityGML data for the New York buildings and stored in the 3D Tileset’s metadata (not exactly a database). The metadata in 3D Tileset is associated with the geometry of the buildings.

I think it would be be tremendously helpful to know a little bit more about your use case to help give you a more specific answer to help you find a solution.


Is anything here useful?
https://vcities.umsl,edu/Examples.html ?