Added point cloud (lidar) support

I’ve been working on-and-off for a while now on adding tile-based point cloud support to Cesium.

It seems to be working well enough at the moment that I’ve gone ahead posted my fork:

It is based on Cesium 1.10, uses AGI’s old point-geometry branch for the point support, and adds a new (simple, naive) quadtree-based provider for handling the tiles. It requires a TMS-like point cloud tile server, which is also now posted:

See the READMEs in these two repos for details on building, running, etc. I’ve included a stripped-down, sandcastle-style demo app.

This is very much a v0.1 alpha release, and I’m neither a javascript programmer nor a cesium dev, so I make no claims to greatness – but it’s a start…

(Feedback welcome.)


That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing your work with the community. I’m sure this is going to make some people’s day.

How this work?