commandline tool to create point cloud file


What tools are currently available for creating cesium point-cloud files? I have a program that generates point clouds as csv files that have the format X,Y,Z,attribute_1,attribute_2. What I want is to visualize these as point clouds in Cesium. Since the files can be 10k-50k+ points I can’t really load them as geojson or Cesium points.

Are there any good tools for processing this kind of data and generating something the Cesium can read as a pointcloud?


If you can convert your points to LAS/LAZ you could use the ion 3D Tiling CLI:

Is that software licensed separately from Cesium Ion plans? Or what level of Cesium Ion do you have to have to get access to those tools?


It’s the same tiling pipeline that runs in the cloud on Cesium ion, but to use it locally/offline you’d need an on-premises license.

Is there anything simpler if I don’t need full tiling support, but just want to produce a .pnts file?