Adding a chart to a Cesium View

Good afternoon all.

I have been tinkering with an animation that summarizes the time/location of each British Commonwealth soldier that died on the western front during World War I. With Matt’s help, I have a first cut now running at

The animation is a bit flat and I’m working to add some depth. Two of my thoughts will require some direction from people with more experience than me:

  1. A LINE CHART could display a running total of the war dead. Ideally this chart could work in conjunction with the current date being displayed in the animation. For example, if a user stops the animation on June 25th, 1916, then the line chart displays the running total of deaths up to that day, but the rest of the chart would not yet be populated with data.

  2. A COMMENTARY BOX could provide some timely historical observations apropos the current date in the animation.

Any comments/questions/concerns greatly appreciated. Cheers, erik

Hi erik,

D3 is a very powerful JS chart library. Take a look here


在 2014年11月17日星期一UTC-8上午6时34分05秒,e hellstedt写道:

There is a cool example of D3 integrated with Cesium here: