How to plot bar chart on earth widget

It would be really helpful, if someone could guide me on how to plot bar chart on cesium earth widget. Already found out few other threejs examples but they are not nearly as good as cesium. So it would be great if some one could provide some insights on this topic.

I answered this with links to our D3+Cesium demo on SO:

Hey can you check this attachment out and say whether the same can be implemented in Cesium? Using this was easy, but i would like to know how the data format and functions should be used with cesium. It would be of great helpful if someone could help me with this. (3.04 MB)

BTW please run the attached files on localhost so it runs properly.

…but is in the process of being moved to its own repository.

Could someone please clarify the status of the below repo

  1. Is this in active development? What are the plans for this repo?

  2. Why is it in its own repo and not integrated into the sandcastle examples? Is it not fully supported by the rest of cesium core developers? Why is it hidden in a link in a forum and not linked from cesium main page.

  3. Are there other examples of d3 usage with cesium?

Hello Per,

I am actively developing this demo application and regularly merge in changes from cesium’s master branch in order to provide a more current example of Cesium. The impetus behind a separate repository for this app is mainly due to the fact that this is a demo application that uses Cesium and d3; with a dependency on Cesium it doesn’t really belong in the cesium repository. Furthermore, the sandcastle examples are more demonstrations of core Cesium techniques and features whereas this app scope is a bit broader. Sometime before the end of July, I plan to write up a tutorial to support this demo application, and perhaps then it will be of sufficient quality to land a spot on the demo’s page.

As for your question regarding separate examples of d3 and cesium integration, I’m not aware of any that exist today. Are there particular features that you would like to see?


That’s great to hear that you are actively developing it. I just got your d3 example working inside sandcastle, so now I can change the colours and get immediate feedback and put in new data and get a picture of it instantaneously which is really very cool. I’m afraid I disagree on sandcastle only being used to demo cesium, I think that is a real waste of a really great resource. One of the things i might choose to put in the box is a globe but equally i might want just a d3 graph or just a webgl chart, I’ve been looking for this kind of a live coding with visual update all in one place for ages and cesium with a bit of hacking around is hopefully going to work perfectly.

Two other thoughts I’m working on… to run something similar to ipython in the code window and have matplotlib etc update on the viewer.

Second, to run a three.js based chart for vol surfaces and have that update in the viewer. If you have the time please add any thoughts on the new topics i opened.

Thanks again for the reply

Also, forgot to mention, the d3 example doesn’t have polylines when i run in latest version of chrome on a mac book pro running m lion 10.8. Just FYI runs perfectly on Windows. No errors though which is odd.

Would it be possible to have a feature where it can be used to visualize data graphically, for example something like Geoflow used by Microsoft people?