adding a credit in lightbox

Hello, I would like to add attribution to the supporters of the project that I am working on. Ideally, next to “Data attribution”, I would like to create “Project attribution”, on which when clicked opens a lightbox and shows the attribution. I could also add the project attribution at the end of the data attribution lightbox. Probably in which case I need to change the “Data attribution” to “Attribution”.

Is it possible to do either one of them?

So far what I could do is:

var credit = new Cesium.Credit(“Project attribution”, false);



but I don’t know how to add the actual attribution.

I am using the Cesium version 1.49.

Thank you.

I don’t think the CesiumJS API lets you edit the default attribution (since we are required to display this I believe). I also don’t think you can add another lightbox. You might have to edit/extend the CreditDisplay class for this (see ).

Since you’re already working on this, the credit code and documentation for it could use some attention, so contributions there are welcome! Here’s an issue that’s been open for a while: