Data attribution requirements

Hi, thanks for making this amazing tool! Just a couple of questions regarding data attribution requirements please:

  • Is the default “cesium ion data attribution” UMG required for all outputs (video, stills, real-time packaged app)? Note that UMG does not get rendered in stills so if this is required we will have to manually add it.
  • Is there flexibility on how the data attribution is shown? e.g. would it be fine to replace the default UMG with a footnote texts;
  • Also does the attribution needs to be shown all the time? For video can it just be at the beginning/end; for still can it be attributed outside of the image (i.e. separate text within the document); for real-time app can it just be on a start screen?
  • Lastly, does the cesium’s attribution cover any requirement to attribute bing map and open street map data?


Hello @cedrickw ,

Currently the default credits widget needs to be used or otherwise an equivalent attribution UI must take its place. Attribution for the data sources must be accessible from the main window (this is the case with the default credits widget). The Cesium Ion attribution needs to be shown on the main screen unless targeting mobile platforms or otherwise under a custom agreement with Cesium (Terms Of Service – Cesium).

That being said, we are currently working on relaxing these attribution requirements to better fit into the game industry. We will make an announcement when we are able to do so.

Thanks for your interest in the plugin!