On-screen credits?

So if a team makes a realistic 3d animated production, say a 1 hour film, and make use of Cesium Ion 3D Tiles, is the film production required to give on-screen attribution/credit to Cesium during the film? Like the logo in a corner?

Because, such print appearing on-screen during the show would immediately take the viewer out of the story vibe, and defeat the entire story purpose.

Would attribution/credit posted at end of story…like every other movie ever made suffice?

I can’t give you legal advice, but in broad strokes, you must comply with the terms of use of the datasets you’re using, negotiate new terms with the suppliers, or not use the datasets.

The Cesium ion terms of use are here:

Note that reference to the Cesium World Imagery (Bing Maps) terms of use, which are separate. The Google Photogrammetry tiles will be covered by different terms of use. Those terms are here, I think:

Ok so, Cesium Ion and Cesium for Unreal Engine are two totally different deals as far as attribution is required

Yeah. Cesium for Unreal doesn’t have any attribution requirements itself. It’s an open source product under the permissive Apache 2.0 license:

But specific datasets you render with it often do have attribution requirements, and Cesium for Unreal tries to help you honor those.

So working with Cesium for UE5, is it possible to have the textured buildings/mountains photorealistic?
Are all buildings/terrains textured already…or how exactly does that work to get the data ready for a photorealistic 3D scene?
Without working with Ion.

You’ve kind of lost me. If you want a photorealistic scene, you need data. Lots and lots of high quality data. To cover the whole Earth, such datasets are measured in the petabytes. They’re extraordinarily expensive to collect and process. I’m not aware of any such dataset available for free without strings attached. It’d be nice, obviously.

Sometimes individual cities make photogrammetry models available as open data, so if your city is one of those, you might be able to use it for free. There are usually still attribution requirements, though.

For a limited area, you could fly your own planes, helicopters, or drones, take a zillion pictures, and then use photogrammetry software to convert the pictures into a 3D model. This will obviously not be cheap, but at the end you’d own the model outright and there wouldn’t be any attribution requirements.

You can pay companies to do the above for you. Aerometrex is one we work with all the time, and they may even be able to sell you a model they’ve already created rather than needing to create a new one from scratch. I’m not sure what their attribution requirements are offhand.