Google Photorealistic tiles copyright attribution

The Google page for Photorealistic Tiles says that " Note: To render Google’s photorealistic tiles, you must use a 3D Tiles renderer that supports the display of copyright attribution. You can use CesiumJS version 1.91 and later, or Cesium for Unreal version 1.12 and later." I don’t see any copyright notices in the credits coming from Cesium Native’s credit system, nor do I see any credits that must be shown onscreen. Is there copyright attribution somewhere else that I should be displaying?

By the way, thanks to Cesium Native, the photorealistic tiles render nicely in vsgCs:

Hey Timothy,

You mean something like this:

Hi Timothy,

Credits are parsed by the CreditSystem in Cesium Native. However, engines must implement their own UI to display these credits. You can look at how credits are displayed in Cesium for Unity and Cesium for Unreal for reference.

I do use the CreditSystem to display credits in vsgCs; that’s why the Cesium ion icon is rendered. The credits returned when using Photorealistic Tiles return false for shouldBeShownOnScreen(). vsgCs uses that test to decide whether or not to render a credit, as does Cesium for Unreal. So, should I just not worry about the credits in Photorealistic Tiles, or should I show all credits on screen?


Hi Tim,

Ah, I see what you mean. For now, you’ll have to manually enable “Show Credits On Screen” for displaying credits for Photorealistic Tiles.