What's the purpose?

Hey everyone.

Does anyone happen to know what the CesiumCreditSystem and CesiumCreditSystem does? Just wondering what exactly they do, as I don’t happen to find a documentation.

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Hi @LanceCGI,

CesiumCreditSystem is responsible for the attributions of any data loaded by Cesium for Unreal. These attributions are displayed either as on-screen text at the bottom of the screen, or as entries in the “Data Attribution” panel. Many data providers, including Cesium ion, require these attributions to be shown whenever their data is visible, as part of their terms of service.

You can find the terms of service for Cesium ion here.

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Oh nice, thank you.
Do you also happen to know what the CesiumCameraManager does as well?

Thank you in advance

CesiumCameraManager lets you programmatically create cameras that are used for tile / level-of-detail selection. Most of the time this isn’t necessary, but it can be useful if Cesium for Unreal’s automatic detection of the appropriate cameras isn’t sufficient for some reason. More details in the PR that added it:

And here’s an example of using it to fix aspect ratio problems when using the Movie Render Queue: