Adding Geoserver url for getting the layer list at user input

Dear sir/madam,

I am using cesium for displaying the geoserver layer as WMS service for displaying feature. Till now by using Imagery Layer Manipulation I am able to show the layers from geoserver by giving path in code.

Now I want that, when user gives the geoserver wms url it will show all the layers in that workspace and user will select some layer that will add to our map and manipulate the features.

Please help me to solve the problem

Thanks and regards,

Mahesh Heda

Hi Mahesh, I’m not clear what the problem you’re having is exactly. Can you clarify, or provide a code sample using Sandcastle?



Hi Gabby,

Actually I am trying to do layer manipulation at user input. Like user will give geoserver wms url in our textbox, in which there will several layer which are published in geoserver. User will select the particular layer and that layer should display on our cesium map and also shown in layer manipulation tool bar.

OK I see. I think the layer selection is outside of the scope of Cesium. Once you select a url, you should be able to create a new imagery by passing that url as a parameter to WebMapServiceImageryProvider.