Get all WMS layers with specified URL


I’m trying to display all the layers for a given WMS-URL. like,

when user gives the URL ‘’, all layers should be displayed and user can select the layers to add to the Viewer.

My question is , Does Cesium provide any functionality, where, I can pass the URL and get all layers?

Thank you,

Hi Moni,

Cesium doesn’t have anything like that built in. This pull request may help; it adds WMS GetCapabilities querying to Cesium:

You may also be interested in TerriaJS:

It’s an open source project (same license as Cesium) that I and others built originally for Australia’s National Map. It can query WMS (also WFS, WMTS, CKAN, ArcGIS Server, etc.) for their layers and display them in a catalog. It also has a 2D fallback (based on Leaflet) for systems that can’t run Cesium/WebGL, and some other niceties. To try out the WMS querying, visit:

Click Add Data in the top right, paste in your WMS URL, and click Add. As long as your WMS server supports CORS, the list of layers on the server will appear at the bottom of the “Data Catalogue”.


Thank you very much !!!

Works Perfect :slight_smile: