Problem of Multi-temporal images displaying

Dear all,

I want to display the multi-temporal images in Cesium and two question as following which are needed to clarify:

1. Could CZML file be supported to connect WMS/WMTS server directly?

2. Does timeline function in Cesium be supported to display images separately, not continuously? For example, I have some Landsat satellite images belonging to May, June, July, and other months respectively. Could I select which one displays in Cesium by timeline function?

Thanks a lot~

TerriaJS has built-in support for WMS layers with a time dimension, rendered in both Cesium and Leaflet, and connects it to the time slider.

If your server supports CORS, you can try it out by going to (a site that uses TerriaJS), clicking Add Data, entering your WMS URL in the box, and then enabling one of the WMS layers that gets added to the bottom of the Data Catalogue.

You’re welcome to use TerriaJS, or to adapt its code for your own use. The license is the same as Cesium’s license, Apache 2.0.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your suggestion. I've tried to use the time slider function in your website but cannot find out when I add some layers in it. Does it need any other condition?

Otherwise, I have the similar problem about CORS in Cesium: . Do you have any idea about that?

Thanks again~

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