KML <TimeSpan></TimeSpan> tags ignored?

I have a KML application (a hierarchy of KML files and images) that should display a series of images, one after the other. Each image should be viewed in a particular time interval, indicated using <TimeSpan></TimeSpan> tags. Every loads fine in Google Earth - images are displayed one after the other (assuming I use the google earth time slider correctly).

But if I load the same series of KML files in Cesium, the images are all displayed at once. It seems that the TimeSpan tags are ignored. The time slider at the bottom of the viewer works, however, and displays the correct time data.

I am a complete newbie to Cesium (just downloaded it today) and it looks extremely useful! But am wondering if I should expect the animation to work as it does in Google Earth.


Glad to hear you’re interested in Cesium! We’ve been working to add better KML support, and TimeSpan is on our list of things that still need to be implemented.

If you have time dynamic data, you might want to consider converting your KML to CZML. CZML is a markup language we developed specifically to handle time dynamic scenes in Cesium:

Let me know if you have any questions!



TimeSpan should already be supported. Can you post the KML file that you are using? Are the images on other servers or the same server? The problem may not be TimeSpan but something else.

The files are all on the same server (i.e. local). I do, however, make extensive use of Network links.

How can I post the KML/KMZ file?

There should be a link above the comment block to ‘Attach a file’ to the post


(I see; when I viewed the forum from the Cesium website, i don’t see the attach button (or any of the other formatting features). I am now viewing it from googlegroups and see the attach button, etc).

Here is a link to the KMZ file - (it was too large to upload to the site)

And here are the screen shots of my results plotting the file (after unzipping the KMZ file to a directory ‘kml’). This image shows the problem :

But when I load a single image, things work fine.

Thanks again for your help!


Thanks Donna! We’ll take a look at it.

What kind of project are you working on? The screenshots look really interesting!


These are simulations of the 2010 tsunami off of the coast of Chile. See

The software platform is GeoClaw -

Thanks again for your help,