Anyone try to animate WMS-T data using WMS?

I’m want to animate weather data on the Cesium map.
I was looking at the NEXRAD data that is generated every 5 min (

I wanted to be able sync up my WebMapServiceImageryProvider layers with the timeline clock.

Make first request set time parameter to clock’s current time (to lowest nearest 5 min increment). Queue up more layers based on time (but turned off). Add a listener to clock to toggle on/off weather layer based on time.

Anyone try this? Or can guide me to better approach?


I haven’t tried it, but your approach sounds reasonable. You may want to set alpha=0 on the queued-up layers rather than setting their show property to false. Layers that are shown but have an alpha of 0 are downloaded but not drawn and will not delay rendering.


Thanks Kevin.

Great advice!

Hello Ellen,

I want to do similar work and very fresh to cesium.

I could perform rendering of one image from WMS geoserver.

Please, help me further.


I never got the opportunity to try this.

Good luck!!