Animating WMS Tiles

I have a use case where I'd like to animate WMS tiles over time. Each tile represents data density over a time span (day, week, etc) and I'd like to flip through them so users can see patterns in the data over time.

I've tried two things so far, but both result in a disruptive flicker when the tiles change:
* Recreating the layer with the new WMS params (requesting a different time range on each animation frame).
* Using a custom ImageryProvider so requestImage will use the correct WMS params, and toggling to false then back to true to wipe the tile cache.

I saw an old thread that suggested loading separate layers for each set of tiles and flipping the alpha to show/hide the tiles, but I'd prefer to use a single layer for each source if possible. Do you guys have any suggestions?


Hi Kevin,

Your best bet is to use multiple layers and manipulate the alpha property. If you have a lot of times available so you don’t want to add all the layers at once, just add the next one or two. When you get near the end of the time interval for your one or two extras, remove the (now unused) one at the beginning and add a new one at the end.