Change WMS with the time

Hello! Do you know if is possible change a WMS or an image with the time? For example on 01-01-2010 appear one image or WMS and on 01-01-2015 dissapear and appear other WMS or image.


Cesium does not have built-in support for time-dynamic WMS, but TerriaJS (which is built on Cesium and Leaflet) does:

You can try it out by visiting and clicking Add Data in the top right. If your WMS is CORS-enabled and has a time dimension, it should just work out of the box.

If this works for you, you can either use TerriaJS directly, or you can use TerriaJS’s approach in a regular Cesium app. It’s pretty simple: TerriaJS creates one Cesium layer for the current time, and another for the next time, with an alpha of 0. Once we get to the next time, the next layer gets a non-zero alpha, the current (now previous) layer is removed, and a new next layer with an alpha of 0 is added. The code is in WebMapServiceCatalogItem.js and ImageryLayerCatalogItem.js in lib/Models.