Adding image at a fixed location


What is the best way to add an image to appear on the map at a fixed location (as shown by the red arrow in the attached image)? Is it through viewer.imageryLayers? BTW, what is the difference between viewer.scene.imageryLayers and viewer.imageryLayers? They appear to be the same object to me? Is that correct?

I looked at the imageryLayers API and it appears I need to specify a nav location (lat / long) for my image to appear. But, I want the image to appear at a fixed location and not be changed when I PTZ through the map. And, also be able to remove / hide it later on when it is not needed. How do I do it?

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Never mind, I tool care of that using regular HTML / JS / CSS stuff. But, I’m still interested in knowing about the following:


They are the same based on the source code:

If you look at the viewer’s imageryLayers in Viewer.js, it returns the scene’s imageryLayers, which returns the globe’s imageryLayers.

Thanks you. That is very helpful.

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