Additional Features Per Point


Is it possible to specify additional features per point in a *.pnts file (except for those specified in and use them in Cesium later?

For example I need to support multiple color models (Infrared, Intensity and RGB Color) as well as classification etc.

I know that for example the classification can be solved using a Batch Table, but that only allows for one additional feature.

Is something like this already implemented or planned?

Thanks in advance,
Frederick Gnodtke

The batch table can support any number of additional properties and then referenced with the styling API. For example in the Point Cloud Styling demo the point cloud has per-point temperature, id, and secondary color. They are not accessible in the JavaScript API however due to performance concerns. Let me know if this helps.

But can one point reference different batch ids? Can for example the first point be red and ground and the second point be green and vegetation?

Yes that example would work fine.

For per-point properties you don’t actually need to assign batch ids. The arrays in the batch table will store values for all points.

Your case should look something like this: (you can use a batch table binary for more efficiency).