Adelaide CBD Cesium 3D tiles demo

I have put together a Cesium 3D tiles demo with our Adelaide CBD model here: . The data is hosted via S3 and Cloudfront . With terrain tiles coming from an EC2 Nano instance with Cesium terrain server . Let me know your experience with the performance of the viewer and any performance improvement tips.



Thanks Tisham! The demo looks great!


Thanks Hannah,

The data is produced using Bentley Context capture and our proprietary helicopter based data capture system. I am looking to improve the performance of the Cesium based viewer to match Bentley’s WebGL viewer which can be seen here - . Any hosting/Cesium data layer creation related tips are appreciated. I understand that Cesium is displaying more data including terrain an multiple layers of imagery, so performance can take a hit. Can I turn these off around the model and prioritise it for download and display instead ?

Thanks for sharing this, Tisham!

I added a link here:

Please let us know if you have other 3D Tiles demos that we can share.