After converting obj to gltf by obj2gltf, gltf-pipeline error: Path must be a string

I want to do a variety of manupulations on my gltf file after converting obj to gltf.

Firstly, by

Secondly, by

When I carry out this command line : gltf-pipeline -i BoxTextured.gltf -o BoxTextured_last.gltf, It appears “Unhandled rejection TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined”

How can i solve this problem, thanks in advance.

box.rar (19.6 KB)

isn’t there anybody related to solution

For the input (-i), try giving it a relative path, like **./BoxTextured.gltf. **

Sorry for the slow reply…

The problem is that obj2gltf exports to glTF 2.0 but gltf-pipeline only works with glTF 1.0.

Until we update the gltf-pipeline to use 2.0 officially, you will need to use the 2.0 branch from github: