Get error when upload gltf file to Cesium ion

Hi. I don’t know what’s wrong with my glTF file.
I have try use glTF viewer to see the model. It works fine.
截圖 2021-11-05 下午12.46.00


I checked the model using glTF Validator, and there appear to be some errors with it. 3D viewers are sometimes more forgiving and will let you view the asset despite errors.

Normally, I would recommend a pipeline that you could use to fix the glTF (or at least suggest exporting as .obj and tiling that instead), but I see that there are some problems with the model even after those conversion steps.

What software was used to generate this model?


Hi Matt,

We use FBX2glTF to convert to glTF file.

We have lost the FBX file.


Hi Steven,

Ah, that’s too bad. If you open the glTF in Blender, you’ll see that the issues with the model are visible there as well. I’m not sure if the problem happened during the FBX2glTF conversion process, but if you manage to find the original FBX, you could try opening that in Blender and seeing if the problems are there as well.


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