error 500 - error on converting COLLADA to glTF file

Hello! I just tried to convert a 3D collada model to glTF (.glb model) using the relative window of dialogue on Cesium website, but an error in html code appeared (server error 500). Next I tried to convert the same 3D collada model that some months ago I converted using the same method, in order to estabilish if the issue was caused by the server system or my collada model was badly builted. Well.. neither the 3D collada model, that I achieved to convert before, worked. So I suppose that there is an internal error on the Cesium server that manage the conversion of models. Can anybody kindly help me? thank you!!

The converter is working for me with simple models. Does the model reference any external image files? If that’s the case, make sure to drag the model and images onto the window.

If that’s not it you can also try the standalone convert to see if it works: Or upload here and one of us could check it out.