Error trying to convert COLLADA to glTF

Hi there!

Two weeks ago I used the online conversor ( to convert a 3D drone model (COLLADA) to glTF and It worked perfectly. Today Im trying to do it again with the same model and I get an unexpected unknown error. I have realized that the online conversor has changed slightly since the last time I used it. Are there any errors you are aware about this topic?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!


What kind of error message are you seeing? Would you be able to send over the model to us so we can troubleshoot the problem?



Hi Hannah, thanks for your reponse.

The error I was getting yesterday was an "unexpected unknown error" or something like that, I cant remember what the message said exactly. I have tried to convert the same model today and it seems to work fine. I dont know what the problem was because I havent changed anything since then.

Anyway, I could send the file if it is still helpful to you.

Kind regards.