glTF file can not see in Cesium 1.70 without Errors

I am a beginner of cesium.
I have built the running environment and can load the sample data normally.

Here is two glTF files of my own, which is normally displayed in the windows 3D viewer, but cannot be displayed when them been loaded into cesium through the code.
Is there any expert here who can help to see why?

Because I’m a new user and can’t upload files in the community, I put them here:

Thank you very much.

Hey @leonardo, welcome to the Cesium community!

You can share your models by uploading them to Cesium ion (

My best guess is that your model vertices are far away from the origin, so they do not appear where the camera goes when you add them to CesiumJS. If you upload it to Cesium ion and select “3D model (tile as 3D Tiles)” this will re-normalize the geometry and it will appear.

Hi, @omar , I am very happy to see you reply my article.
According to your suggestion, I uploaded the file to ion.
After the upload is completed, I can see the model in ion’s myassets page.
Select the file I uploaded and display “adjust tileset loading” and “tileset location has not been set” on the right.
Is it the reason for your conjecture that “model vertices are far away from the origin”?
My goal now is to display this gltf file at the designated location of the earth in Cesium.
How can I repair this model glTF file?
By the way, the fromassetid is 119373


Thank you again .

If you click on “Adjust tileset location” you can now place that model in the right place on Earth. See:

This looks pretty cool, what kind of project are you working on?

Thanks again, I solved this problem.
This model is from a soil modeling project in China.

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