gltf model from Khronos' gltf-Blender-Exporter is not visible in Cesium

Knowing my luck, this has a simple answer…

A .gltf model I exported from Blender is not visible in cesium.

  1. I created a model in Blender and exported with Khronos’ new gltf-Blender-Exporter (

  2. All appears well as the exported model is perfectly viewable in virtualGIS’s cool gltf viewer (

  3. Yet when viewing the model in cesium, nothing is visible (and no errors are thrown).

I have attached the blender file and exported gltf file. Let me know if you need anything else.

I am thrilled to see this Blender exporter, but crestfallen that I have stumbled somewhere.

Many thanks, erik

blenderCube.blend (479 KB)

blenderCube.gltf (3 KB)

It works for me… are you running the latest version of Cesium? What is the code you’re using to load the model? Any errors in Chrome’s console?

I tweaked the emission to be less strong and got this:

You nailed it Sean. I was in Cesium 1.31. Just updated and snap. To answer your other questions, the model loads by czml and produces no errors in the console. Of all the dopey things I've (not) done... well, there's lots of competition, but it is up there!

Cheers, erik