.glb model file displays properly in babylon.js sandbox but not in CesiumJS?

I’m not sure where to start with providing helpful context here, but I’ve created a .glb file exported from Blender. This model file displays fine in the Babylon.js sandbox, but only one of the two objects within the file (a staff and a wizard) displays in CesiumJS.

Are there some likely explanations that I can look into which might be causing this? Does CesiumJS use an older method of displaying glb files for models than Babylon.js might be using which I can start looking into for determining the culprit?

If I uncheck the “skinning” feature in Blender than the whole model displays fine when exported into CesiumJS, but the skinning feature is necessary to fully capture the animation on the model as it is currently designed in Blender. I’ve been unable to fix this issue in just trying to fix different ways of animating within Blender itself, so am now trying to look into why the export displays fine in Babylon but not in Cesium. Any help or even broad ideas at this point would help.

Well, I found a roundabout fix. Apparently if I import my Blender exported glb file into BabylonJS then export out as a glb file from there… it works fine in CesiumJS. That works for now, and maybe its a Blender export issue although strange that the export works in Babylon.

Does the model cause any warnings or errors when it is dragged-and-dropped into the glTF Validator? If it does not cause errors, then CesiumJS should render it properly.

It could be difficult to guess what might be causing the issue here (skinning can be complicated), but if you could share the model, then maybe someone could have a closer look. (Otherwise, the “roundabout fix” could be a reasonable solution for now…)